Honest Review: Build your profitable blog in 30 days

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Let’s get started,

Are you struggling to know how to start a blog from scratch?
Are you are worried about building a blog that generates profits?

Then you are at the right place, where I am going to share you my honest review about an eBook Build your profitable blog in 30 Days by Aksshit Wadhwa.

Many of us start a blog in the niche we are passionate about. Days pass on, where we produce a lot of content regularly. But have you ever thought of converting your blog into some profitable asset? Today you will learn some of the best approaches to implement on your blog to make it profitable for you.

Here we go…

Table of Contents:

  1. Who is Aksshit Wadhwa?
  2. Build your profitable blog in 30 Days – Overview.
  3. My Honest Review.

Who is Aksshit Wadhwa?

Aksshit Wadhwa is a young dynamic 21-year-old digital marketer and website designer. He started writing blogs at the age of 13 where he has built sites on software cracks and much more. As he is able to make some passive income through his blogs, he got used to entrepreneurship mindset. Where he has built a venture along with his friend that generates them a 6 figure income as high as $3000-$4000/day. Being a developer he was able to build some awesome themes and earned a lucrative income out of it.

Now with a full-fledged into blogging, he managed to build a successful blog bloghaul.com where you can learn blogging and affiliate marketing from an expert like Aksshit Wadhwa.

Overview of Build your profitable blog in 30 days:

What is this book all about?

This book is all about how to start a blog and build it to your profitable asset in 30 days just by following some of the best approaches. Being an expert he has explained everything from blogging mindset to converting your readers into clients.

Let’s have a look into his Road map to build a profitable blog.

Roadmap to build a profitable blog

If we go deeper some of the interesting aspects he explains are 

#1. Being Consistent
#2. Business Mentality
#3. Branding
#4. Build a personal touch with your reader
#5. Planning a Wireframe

Do you know all the above that he mentioned in his eBook are very essential for building a blog? yes, absolutely as no one teaches you about all this stuff in blogging. I can strongly say that you need all the above qualities as a blogger to crack his/her blogging journey.

Then comes the actual part of exclusive blogging techniques and approaches you will learn from this eBook. He has given a complete step by step guides on,

#1. How to set up a WordPress blog from scratch?
#2. Installing the required plugins.
#3. Creating basic pages for your blog.
#4. How to get real-time blog ideas for your blog posts?
#5. How to find low competition keywords using free google keyword planner tool?
#6. How to promote your blog through various social media platforms like LinkedIn, Quora, YouTube and Facebook?

Extra Bonus: 1. Premium theme Designed by Aksshit Wadhwa.
                             2. Win an exclusive one-one 30 Minute mentorship call with Aksshit.

All this makes up this eBook a fantastic and useful asset for any of the bloggers who are getting started with blogging or struggling to make an existing blog profitable.

You will also learn: How to build your blogging network by getting a chance to interview professionals in your industry. He has exactly explained the way to approach professionals in your industry to turn them out to your interview with ease. This can skyrocket your reader’s attention and increase your audience base.

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My Honest Review:

Aksshit Wadhwa being an expert was able to put all his 8 years of experience into a single eBook Building your profitable blog in 30 days. Through this eBook, every blogger will learn a lot of new ways and best approaches to building a network and presence in the industry of their blog.

Key aspects that impressed me about his eBook,

  1. How to get a chance to interview professionals in your industry.
  2. How to create a roundup blog post from experts

Hope, an honest [unbiased] review of this eBook helps you understand about this eBook better. I can assure you that this eBook provides immense value to everyone who grabs this eBook as no other bloggers teaches you about working on mindset to converting your readers into clients. Stay tuned for my next honest review. 

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