How To Create Privacy Policy Page For Blogger And WordPress?

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Before you create your privacy policy page you need to know what exactly it is, and why is it an important page for your blog. So let’s get started.

A Privacy Policy is a legal document that ensures different means of collecting customer data and manage it to protect  your visitor’s privacy. Many of the ad networks like Google Ad-sense look for Privacy Policy before approving your blog/website in their advertising network.

So, Privacy Policy is One of the Five Pages you need to create in your blog/website for sure.

In this article, I will show you how to create a privacy policy page for Blogger and WordPress.

Creating A Privacy Policy Page For Your Blog

You can either create a privacy policy page for your blog if you have good knowledge. The best way is to refer to the privacy policy pages of other blogs in your industry and get to know how to write one. If you are completely new and want someone to write for you. Then there are many third-party privacy policy generators that will generate one for your blog.

For demonstration purposes, I would use such a service provided by

1. Go to the website which is exclusive Privacy Policy Generator.

2. Firstly, select the basic policy that will give you simple Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

3. Scroll down and enter the information such as Website address, Company name, Location, Policy effective date(Start Date) and choose the language as English.

4. Check on agreeing to disclaimer and Select Generate Terms. This will generate a Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for your blog/website. Now copy the text to a Notepad and save it for further use.

How To Add Generated Privacy Policy For Your Blog?

1. If you are using, go to Blogger Dashboard > Pages. If you are using WordPress go to WordPress Dashboard > Pages > Add New.

2. Create a New Page and paste the copied content in the text editor and title the page as Privacy Policy.

3. Click on Publish.

You have successfully created and published a Privacy Policy for your blog.

Always make sure you create this page if you want to monetize your blog with any ad network like Google AdSense. Also, it is important to keep in mind that this page should be kept visible for your readers as it has got more value in terms of their privacy.

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