12 Top Best Grammarly Alternatives in 2020 [Free & Paid]

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Its time to discuss writing your articles error-free and engaging to make your readers feel comfortable with your writing style. Grammarly is one of the best tools to check grammar and plagiarism. Grammarly enables you to write your content in both the British/American english style so that you can choose your writing format. Grammarly offers numerous writing styles with proper punctuation based on sentence formation and syntax.

Even if you are not a native English writer, this can help you solve your problem of writing your articles error-free. But many content writers and bloggers find it difficult to afford this tool due to its pricing. To not let you stop writing content for your projects I am going to share 12 Top Best Grammarly Alternatives in 2020.

In consideration of every individual, we are going to list out free Grammarly alternatives and premium Grammarly alternatives. So let’s jump into the list and choose the best apps like Grammarly that can boost your writing in terms of grammar and other features

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Top 12 Best Grammarly alternatives in 2020

  1. ProWritingAid
  2. White Smoke
  3. Slick Write
  4. Ginger
  5. Hemmingway
  6. JetPack
  7. Online correction
  8. PaperRater
  9. Reverso
  10. Write full
  11. After The Deadline
  12. Virtual Writing Tutor

ProWritingAid [Free & Premium]

ProWritingAid is the best alternative to Grammarly if your main concern is pricing. This is one of the best grammar and style checkers which gives an in-depth report to boost your writing skills. This tool can solve your problems related to grammar, punctuation, readability and plagiarism. This is available with a free and premium plan(79 Pounds/1 Year) whereas it costs 299 Pounds/ Lifetime.


  1. Provides you 20 in-depth writing reports that are best for grammar.
  2. In-app suggestions enable you to learn grammar and edit them.
  3. Word explorer and contextual thesaurus help you find synonyms and perfect words for your content.
  4. Customize ProWritingAid to your style format that can be used across your teams.
  5. Better integration with various sources like Ms Word, Google Docs, Open Office, Windows and much more that makes it easy and saves your time.
  6. Eliminates wried spelling and grammar error that can break writers credibility.

Make use of this tool which is the best alternative to Grammarly and a tough Grammarly competitor that will never let you down in terms of providing the best features. I Use ProWritingAid for many of my projects.

Grab this Premium tool if you want to strengthen your writing skills.

WhiteSmoke [Best Grammarly Premium Alternative]

WhiteSmoke which is better than Grammarly that performs high-quality proofreading for your written content. It lets you write your content error-free which involves spell checks, grammar checks, style checker, punctuation and translation. All these features resemble WhiteSmoke as the best tool that is better than Grammarly. 

This is a cheaper alternative to Grammarly which is priced at $79.95/1 Year and $199.95 for 3 years. This is one of the best software like Grammarly that supports integrations with many platforms like Windows, Mac and much more.


  1. Uses Advance checking algorithm that checks more grammatical errors and offers suggestions than any other software.
  2. Proofread to Perfection detects correctly spelt words in the wrong content. This makes the writer using WhiteSmoke close to foolproof.
  3. Style checker lets you identify styling errors in your writing like monotony and switching tenses.
  4. Punctuation checker lets you edit your content with proper punctuation and save you time without rewriting them.
  5. Translate your content using WhiteSmoke Translator on blogs, social networks, in International Business and many other scenarios.

This is not available in a free version but you can try its Demo from their website, This is one of the low cost and best Grammarly premium alternative that is worth your money as it has got extra features compared to that of Grammarly.

Grab this tool for $79.95 which can be your best premium tools.

Slick Write [Grammarly free alternative]


Slick Write is one of the other programs like Grammarly. It is a free application that makes it easy to check your writings for grammar, stylistic mistakes and many other things like Grammarly. No matter whether you are a blogger, student writing an essay for school, SEO professional or novelist. Slick Write takes your writing to the next level and makes you a great writer.


One cool feature that impresses every writer is when you select the word, a popup appears where you have an option to choose associate words, and the thesaurus. It also has one of the best readability tools that lets you analyse your sentences for readability.


As of now, this tool is free for professional use and which can be used as a chrome and firefox extension to proof-read your online content.



  1. Valuable and related information is displayed from Wikipedia and Google when you select a word.
  2. Enhance your content readability with its superlative sentence analysis.
  3. It presents graphical reports of word length, sentence length and structural flow so that one can alter them easily.
  4. Easily enable or disable what type of content you want to find in your text.
  5. Integrate as a plugin for chrome and firefox to detect errors while using any applications online.

Slick Write can be regarded as the best free Grammarly alternative. Grab this free software right here.


Ginger: [Free and Premium]

Ginger is one of the widely used grammar checkers among students, professionals and bloggers due to its efficiency. Ginger is more compatible with regards to usability and readability than Whitesmoke. It is one of the best programs like Grammarly as it offers grammar checker and spell checker.

This software can be integrated with Windows, IOS, Android, Chrome and safari. One can use this software while using WordPress which proofreads your content for better grammar and sentence correction. Either you can just copy-paste your content on their site to get everything done for you. Ginger translates your content into more than 40 different languages which are a great feature for many experts.


  1. One can maintain a personal dictionary so that Ginger will not mark your content as an error.
  2. It enables you to learn pronunciation with its premium plan.
  3. It is packed with a grammar checker, spell checker and translator.
  4. Enrich your written content with a spot on rephrasing suggestions.
  5. Text reader which enable you to listen to the content that is written.

You can grab this tool for a 7-day free trial. Start a premium version of it at $7.49/Month if chosen as an annual plan billed as one payment of $89.88 whose pricing is similar to Grammarly.

Hemingway: [Free Online & Premium Downloadable app]

To be honest, Hemingway app is not a good choice if your main concern is about grammar and spell checks. It mainly focuses on readability of your text which is a key factor for any writer. It highlights the text in colour if the sentence is hard to read it gives suggestions for better sentence formation. If your readability is poor then your readers might not feel reading it. In blogging, if the posts have low readability score there are high chances of increasing bounce rate.

This tool can be used as an online version or as a downloadable desktop app. To use its desktop version you need to pay a premium price of  $19.99 which is affordable and the best option to choose if you want your readability to be good. 

Through this app one can calculate the readability score on a scale of 10(10 being strong and 1 being poor). This is simply like an exact text editor which has multiple options like headings, bold, italic, inserting hyperlinks and adding bullet points. These features enable you to directly import the written content to your WordPress or any PDF that can be easily shared.

We would call this to be a similar program like Grammarly rather than an exact alternative to Grammarly. Grab this tool if you want your readers to get engaged with your content, instead of making feel bored.

JetPack: [Free & Paid]


JetPack is one of the best WordPress plugin used by many of the bloggers. It is packed with multiple features like checking advanced site stats, includes pro themes, best SEO tools for Google, Bing, Facebook and wordpress.com to maximise your blog reach. This plugin also has the best feature i.e., proofreading which is a very useful resource for many of the bloggers, novelists and SEO experts.


Just copy and paste your content to its proofreading editor. It starts to proofread and marks your content in red, green and blue lines. Red lines represent misspelt or misused words. Green represents grammar mistakes while blue represents a hint for writing styles. Also explains the above errors with necessary information.



  1. Colour representation for errors helps you analyse your content quality.
  2. In addition to proofreading, it also has features like checking site stats, SEO tools to maximise reach, security and much more.
  3. It also has 30-day backup features that are very useful.

We would say this to be All in one tool that has various features packed on a single WordPress plugin jetpack along with proofreader that is handy for most of the bloggers and writers.


This is available in both a free and paid version. It is one of the similar software like Grammarly but has many features for bloggers.


Onlinecorrection.com [Free Grammarly Alternative]

Onliecorrection.com is an online website that is a top Grammarly competitor and is available in the only free version. This free website like Grammarly that finds spelling, basic grammar and stylistic mistakes. In general, this is a website for online text correction that can be accessed either online or a plugin.

It also has multiple tools packed inside it. They are the tools for text correction in many other languages like german, french, Spanish, Italian and Russian.


  1. Enrich in various features like finding a grammatical error, spellings, stylistic mistakes, sentence length and much more.
  2. Support over 6 language correction types that is very handy.
  3. A completely free website like Grammarly.

Check out this websitehttps://www.onlinecorrection.com/

PaperRater: [Free & Paid]

The PaperRater is a paper checker which enable free online proofreading, grammar checks and spell checks. This website is powered by Ginger mention above. So if you thought of selecting PaperRater, we would recommend going with Ginger. Paper Rater can only be accessed online as it does not have an extension or desktop app like that of Hemingway.

To use this PaperRater simply navigate to their website and paste the text on to their editor and get the report. Once it generates a report it underlines all the misspelt and grammatical error enabling you to edit them for better content readability.

One can grab this software for free, and a premium plan starts at $11.21/Month ad $71.55/Year


  1. Great vocabulary builder that helps you to find various example sentences and get ideas of a particular word.
  2. It has rich features like grammar checker, spell checker, plagiarism check and proofreading.
  3. Most accurate writing advice similar to Grammarly.

All these features make it one of the best software like Grammarly to make your writing flow smoother.

Reverso: [Free]

Reverso is a web-based application similar to Grammarly. Its is one of the best application to check basic grammatical mistakes rather than advanced level correction. It can be accessed through an extension for chrome. But it cannot be used on other platforms like Android and Mac as a downloadable app.

It can be used as a grammar checker and language translator in 14 different languages like German, French, Italian and many more. Its translator used one of the latest technology to produce an accurate translation which improves one’s vocabulary.


  1. Accurate results that can modify your sentences for proper punctuation.
  2. Real-time suggestions let you help with your grammar and sentence correction.
  3. Best Translation ever used which can translate into 14 different languages that show the exact use of every word.
  4. Checks you content for contextual errors, synonyms from the dictionary and much more.

Use this tool for completely free https://www.reverso.net/

Writefull: [Free]

Writefull is one of the similar apps like Grammarly. It provides feedback on your written content by checking it against large databases of Google Books, Google News, Google Scholars and many more.

It can be used to translate your content into over 30 different languages. This is available in free version both as a chrome extension and a downloadable desktop app.

Writefull corrects your sentences for grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, and more aimed specifically for research writing. It makes your publishing more efficient with by applying advanced AI-Language editing. Writefull helps you to improve the quality and consistency of your sentences.

Writefull is planning to release Writefull Revise where you can upload your written document and generate a report to check the language quality. Checkout Writefull if you want to test AI-specific language editing.

Access Writefull @ https://writefullapp.com/

After The Deadline: [Free]

This is a language checker web-based application along with contextual style checking, advance style checking and intelligent grammar checker. It is an open-source technology that gives smarter suggestions based on artificial intelligence and language processing technology to find your errors. 

After The Dead can be used as a WordPress plugin and as an extension for many other platforms. One can use this as a free web-based application for personal use or either download their free server software for commercial use. It also offers error explanation feature. So undoubtedly this is a free program like Grammarly.

Try After The Deadline for free @ https://www.afterthedeadline.com/

Virtual Writing Tutor: [Free]

This is an online grammar checker website that offers spell checks, grammar checks, punctuation, paraphrasing and choice of word and many more. So this takes up the position among 12 top best Grammarly alternatives in 2020. It can train you to become a better proofreader with the help of their fantastic approach of the error-correction game.

This website has a variety of options to choose from like opinion essay checker, film analysis essay checker, cover letter checker and much more. This can help you even concerning your IELTS essays. This website has many resources about writing content and in the form of games which never let you feel bored.

Check out their website: https://virtualwritingtutor.com/

Wrapping Up:

We have figured out some of the top-performing apps like Grammarly in this article. All these tools can help you with writing your content in some or the other way. we have covered both Grammarly premium alternative and free Grammarly alternatives so that you everyone can benefit from the tools during their course of writing.

Best Grammarly premium alternative that I recommend is WhiteSmoke. You can grab WhiteSmoke for an exclusive 50% discount for our blog readers. Whitesmoke is also one of the cheapest alternatives to Grammarly among the 12 alternatives listed above.

If you find any other tools similar to Grammarly that are not listed out here, please feel free to comment on your choice of Grammarly alternative so that our readers can benefit from your opinion.

Do share this article if you like it. Signing off.

1 thought on “12 Top Best Grammarly Alternatives in 2020 [Free & Paid]”

  1. Except Grammarly, most of these DO NOT recognize literary manuscripts and change “we’re” to “we are” and/or “we were” 😉 Grammarly is too cluttered and too slow, but the only one that actually does the job, though it always suggests removing words like “actually”, “obviously”, “evidently”, and “own” (like “my own”), counting them as archaic, needless, and obsolete. How rude of them 😉 Other than that., thanks!


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