30+ Proven Strategies to Increase Your Blog Traffic in No Time

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Are you ready to know the best strategies that increase traffic to your blog? 

If “YES“, Read this article till the end where I am going to reveal 30+ proven strategies to increase blog traffic by 265% in 2020.

Nowadays it’s very easy to start a blog, but many newbies find it very difficult to generate targeted traffic to their blog. So today should be the last day to your blog traffic problems. Applying these strategies will help grow your blog traffic from 0 to 10k/month in no time.

So let’s get started to learn 30+proven strategies to increase website traffic and grow from zero to hero.

Lets dive into the Strategies.

1. Write a Compelling Headline/Title

Do you want your content to stand out in the crowd? 
Do you want more audience to read your article? 

Then the first and best practice is to write a compelling headline that is Clickbait

Want to know what is a Clickbait? 

In simple terms, it can be called as catchy (Impressive/Attractive). Clickbait works as it grabs the attention of your audience. Writing a Clickbait headline will increase your blog visitors as most of the audience are likely to click and read through your article. 

3 Best approaches to write a compelling article is as follows:

  1. Include the following words such as Best, Top, Proven, Fast, Free and Tested.
  2. Include Numbers at the beginning or at the end of your article.
  3. Question your audience and give them an engaging start.

Here are some of the best examples:

  1. 10 Top Best Moz Alternatives for Better SEO in 2020.
  2. Why Clickbait works (And why you should do more of it).

To check the quality of the headline you can use some of the popular tools like Coschedule Headline Analyzer where it analyses your headline based on different paraments that will help you write a compelling Title.

2. On-Page SEO

Search Engine Optimization is one of the major factors that should be performed on any website to drive organic traffic. Without proper SEO there are very fewer chances to drive traffic to your blog in the long run.

There are two types of SEO

1. On-Page SEO 
2. Off-Page SEO. 

Let’s look into On-Page SEO which can be one parameter to boost blog traffic for free. One needs to know the On-Page SEO techniques that should be implemented on any blog post. Here we go,

a). Title Tag: Adding the HTML of the Title tag on the header section gives search engines a signal on what the content is all about on the page. 

b). Meta Description: Always add an SEO optimized meta description with related keywords in it. Its is show below the Title in SERP. Meta Description is a very crucial aspect to consider in SEO. It can also increase your CTR.

c). SEO Optimized Content: This is the way of writing your article for both the search engines and users. This means your article needs to have LSI keywords in it that should be added naturally.

d). Image Optimization: Do you know? Images can slow down your website/blog if they are not optimized properly. So it is very essential to optimize your images with the help of Shortpixel Plugin which compresses your image and is a good factor to increase website speed.

You need to keep in mind that, always add an Alt Tag to an image with a related keyword. This is one of the parameters to consider in On-Page SEO.

On-Page SEO is one of the essential factors for any writers to drive blog traffic. So don’t missout this step in the process of executing other strategies on promoting the blog to increase traffic. If you missout this step you cannot rank on search engines and nothing else can help growing blog traffic.

3. Long-Tail Keywords Works Better

In the year 2020, long-tail keywords work better than short-tail keywords. But why?

Because short tail keywords or seed keywords are hard to rank for new bloggers because they have high competition. So pro bloggers like Anil Agarwal recommend using more Long-tail LSI keyword to drive traffic to your blog. He uses long-tail keywords to rank all his affiliate sites.

Grab his E-Book: Affiliate Marketing Blueprint (4 Exclusive Bonuses Included)

It’s a very good practice to choose a bunch of long-tail keywords with low search volume which is easy to rank rather than choosing short-tail with high search volume that are hard to rank for.

4. Off-Page SEO Begins: Quality Link building

Link building is one of the important factors for any blog to get ranked on search engines. The more quality backlinks, the better chances of ranking in search engines. Thus increases your organic traffic.



As you should be aware that backlinks are nothing but hyperlinks that point to your blog. 


There are two kinds of backlinks.

a) Internal Backlinks

b) External Backlinks


a) Internal Backlinks: These are hyperlinks that are pointing to your content internally across your blog. One needs to add relevant backlinks to the page content so that users navigate to your other blog post. These are very easy to create once you can produce relevant content to your targeted audience.


b) External Backlinks: These are hyperlinks from another trusted website that are pointing to your content. The more hyperlinks from external website linking your blog content increase the trust of your blog in the eyes of search engines.



Note: External Backlinks from high DA(Domain Authority) domains will have a high impact on your website ranking in search engines.



Also Read: Link Building techniques to increase your backlink profile


5. Social Media Marketing

In 2020 social media plays a vital role in the field of digital marketing. If you can produce content that can be shared by your audience. There are high chances of acquiring quality backlinks.

So always try to produce content that your audience is ready to consume and which solves their problems. This way you can get more shares, likes and comments. So they find your content useful and link back to your site where ever possible.

Start creating social profiles like Facebook group, Facebook Page, Instagram profile, Twitter, Pinterest and Reddit. Doing so, you can share your blog content regularly to reach out to the targeted audience that will drive traffic to blog.

6. Become a Guest Blogger (Guest Posts)

As you write content for your blog, the same way start contributing your skills with a good piece of content on niche related authority sites that accept guest posts. Make sure to contribute your content the same level of quality when writing guest posts so that you can gain new audience.

If you can produce guest posts regularly on quality websites with higher DA sites, you can get quality backlinks that can drive traffic to your blog. Also, make sure you don’t produce guest posts on the same website focusing on backlinks. Which is not a good practice. 

Produce guest posts on different high-quality blogs to build a relationship with different bloggers and quality backlinks.

7. Reach out to Influencers

I would say Influence has the power to increase blog traffic. If you are sure that the content produced by you is worthy that can help your targeted audience? Then the best way is to reach out to Influencers in your category and ask them to look into your blog and request a link back on their blog.

It is very important to remember that you only reach out to relevant blogs in your niche. The best platforms to reach out to influencers are Facebook groups and Instagram.

8. Social Bookmarking Sites

These sites are referred to as websites that allow users to store, organize and manage bookmarks of webpages that they are most interested in. These are some of the best sites to promote your website/blog. Bookmarking your website on these top social bookmarking sites will impact your domain in terms of traffic and ranking. Thus there are high chances of driving traffic to your blog.

Some of the popular social bookmarking sites are as follows:

9. Forum Submission

Forums are the best place on the internet to interact with a community of audience. Always be active on forums related to your niche. Kickass your talent by helping the community answering their questions, replying to their threads and providing them value. Also, interacting with the audience builds your network and increase your fan base by knowing each other. Do you know you can also find influencers using forums? YES, you can.

This will also help you build backlinks [But forum backlinks are not taken into consideration in 2020 says many top bloggers, but for a newbie, this is also an opportunity].

Check out some of the Top forums in Marketing Niche:

This way you can identify forums in your niche and start interacting with your niche audience.

10. Web 2.0 Submission

Web 2.0 sites let you submit content on their platform using some great CMS and they also have high authority in search engines. This is one of the best practice of Off-Page SEO that helps new blogs/website to get noticed. If you submit your content on Web 2.0 Submission, there are high chances of increase backlink profile to your blog.

Some of the popular Web 2.0 submission sites are WordPress, blogger, Wix and medium. One can find free and paid submission sites that will help boost blog traffic.

Top 10 Web 2.0 Submission sites list:

Top 5 Web 2.0 Submission Sites Domain Authority

11. Answer Questions on Q&A Sites

The main moto for getting traffic to your blog is your audience. If you are good at answering questions raised by people in your target niche, this can help build your authority. So try to answer the audience questions on some of the famous Q&A sites like Quora and Yahoo Answers.

In the process of answering questions, you can add one or two hyperlinks to the content that takes them to the relevant article on your blog. This not only adds a quality backlink to your blog from a high authority site but also get more traffic to your blog. Please do not spam the answers with backlinks.

12. Create Youtube Video Tutorials

In 2020 there is a huge response in the audience for video content. Video content is a far better way to promote your content. Do you know Youtube is the second largest search engine next to Google? Yes, you are right. Make sure you are active on Youtube by creating valuable video content related to your niche and link back to your blog in the description of the youtube video.

This will help you reach more audience with both written and video content using the top 2 search engines Google and Youtube. This is one of the best ways on how to improve your blog traffic for free.

13. Create and Use HQ Infographics

Infographics are the best and minimal representation of the large form of content in a simple graphical format. One can create infographics using such amazing tools like Canva and Venngage. Make sure to create infographics using key points of the blog posts. If you can create great infographics one can use them on their relevant blog post and also share them on some of the infographic sharing sites.

One of the best ways to utilize infographics is to share them with a fellow blogger who can add your infographic to their blog post and link back to you. This is the best approach to increase backlinks and also a useful parameter for driving traffic to blog.

14. Create Free Resource on your Blog

Free resources are a kind of freebies that will help your audience get guidance related to the nice. As we all love free stuff, giving away such information or products can be a good signal for your audience to re-visit your blog regularly.

Remember to giveaway only quality content that will help your audience. If you have build authority in your niche, the best way to boost blog traffic is by creating Free Online Course related to your niche. This will help you perform better in driving traffic to your blog.

15. Make Use of Slideshare Presentations

Did you know, PowerPoint presentation is one of the oldest and effective ways to present any kind of information. You can produce them in simple and easy to understand format.

So create PowerPoint presentation of the topics in your niche and submit them to platforms like Slideshare. If your targeted audience finds it very useful to share the content you submitted. There is a high scope for driving traffic to your blog.

16. Be active on Reddit

Reddit is one of my favourite formulas on how to improve your blog traffic. As it is always rolling 24/7 with many audiences. Creating valuable content and posting it on Reddit can gain you more traffic as it is one of the popular platforms on the web.

Did you know that a lot of conversations happen on this platform that in turn gives higher chances for your content to reach the maximum number audience in your niche? So don’t forget to be active on Reddit as it can even drive instant traffic to your blog than any other platforms. As of today, there are more than 330 million Reddit users.

17. Connect your blog through CDN(Content Delivery Network)

CDN is a distributed server that can deliver your web page content based on geographical location. All the top blogger use CDN on their blogs to minimize page loading speed. The best free CDN recommended by bloggers is Cloudflare. We use Cloudflare CDN on our blogs.

Some of the popular premium CDN’s used by authority sites are Amazon AWS or MaxCDN. Along with CDN, it is the best approach to use browser cache tools like W3 Total Cache, WP Rocket, and WP Super Cache to improve the loading speed of your blog which is a key parameter to improve blog traffic.

18. Organize Giveaway Challenge Regularly

To get your audience to engage, organizing a giveaway that will benefit your blog to increase website traffic fast as everyone is keen to grab a free copy of something they might be waiting for.

So wonder what to giveaway? If you have some of the self-published products or coupon codes of products that might be a good way. If you don’t have one request a giveaway from top influences from your niche that your audience is interested in. Start promoting the contest on some of the social media profiles to wakeup the audience who are inactive.

19. Reduce Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is a very important SEO parameter to consider for any blogger. If your blog has a high bounce rate there are fewer chances of visitor reading your articles. Make sure to reduce the bounce rate of your blog using some of the proven methods.

One can reduce the bounce rate by focusing on Site speed, User experience, Use of High-quality images and videos. One of the advanced methods to reduce the bounce rate is to perform A/B testing of your page. This is how you can improve the chances of driving traffic to your blog.

20. Optimize your blog for Mobile-Index

Most of the blogs have more mobile visitors than desktop visitors as people are habituated to consume information on their mobile devices rather than desktops. So one should optimize their blog for Mobile devices and make it mobile-friendly.

This is simply called as responsive in terms of programming. Ensure that every element visible on mobile devices is easy to navigate and should be a close resembler to the desktop version. You can test your site for Mobile-First Index from here.

21. Improve Your Outreach through Email Newsletters

Email marketing plays a vital role next to SEO to drive organic traffic. Sending your audience regular email newsletters will help them follow your content with ease through their email inbox. So ensure that you collect your blog visitors emails through opt-in forms embedded within your content.

Improve your blog Outreach through regular email newsletters that are one of the ways on how to generate traffic to your blog. Always try to talk to your audience every week providing them with useful information from your blog which is the best way to improve blog traffic.

22. Webinars are a must

Webinars are video sessions conducted for the sake of your niche audience to help them with unanswered questions rolling out in their brains. Through webinars, you can directly interact with your audience live so that you get to know exactly what they are looking from you.

Webinars are one of the great ways to increase blog traffic. Through webinars, you can share some of the contests and offers available on the internet related to your niche. As of today, Zoom is one of the best Webinar Platforms most of the bloggers are using. This is a great platform used by many bloggers for their sales pitch which can be your too to drive sales for your products.

23. Update Content Regularly

Don’t let your valuable content go unnoticed, make sure to update your old blog post with necessary modifications like changing year and adding new information if necessary. This will not only let Google know about new content but also boost blog traffic for free.

Some of the key aspects to remember while updating your old blog posts are adding necessary images and infographics, Remove any outdated content and add any new resources that back up the topic. Also, endure that you update the internal links with the more relevant post from your blog.

24. Use of Best Themes and Plugins

For the best performance of your site, make sure to use only the best themes that are schema optimized such as Generate Press, News Paper, Studio Press and Astra. You can increase your blog traffic only if your User Interface and User Experience is great. The above premium themes fulfil the requirement of Schema and best User Interface.

Did you know that plugins can make or break your site performance? So it is recommended to use only the best plugins that most of the bloggers use. Some of them are as follows

1. Akismet Anti Spam
2. Short Pixel (Image Optimizer)
3. W3 Total Cache
4. Contact Form 7
5. Rank Math SEO
6. Word Fence
7. Updraft Plus
8. Elementor Page Builder

Using only the recommended plugins can help you smoothen your work and improve performance. Thus improves blog traffic.

25. Use Pinterest Pins

Pinterest can skyrocket your blog traffic in no time. Many bloggers use Pinterest pins to market their blog. To get your blog noticed on Pinterest start marketing your blog using exclusive pins for the next 30 days. It’s very easy to grow your Pinterest profile from 0 to 1k followers if you follow these simple rules.

1. Start Posting 10+ Simple images related to your niche (Design using Canva)
2. Use LSI keywords related to your niche with the pin title of the image.
3. Add a link to your blog of Pintrest profile to improve blog traffic.

Hurray! I can assure you that by following above 3 strategies on Pinterest you can boost your blog traffic in no time. But keep in mind that you just need patience and consistent efforts for the next 30 days to crack it.

26. Create a Survey, Polls and Quizzes

Do you know polls are effecting marketing tools on social media?

Polls and surveys are the quickest ways to make your audience take action. Once most of the audience poll on the questions, everyone can know the exact percentage of opinion to a specific answer. Conducting a niche-specific survey will navigate blogger with content ideas on what form of content their users are interested in. Doing so bloggers create sharable content which in turn improves blog traffic.

27.Start Blog Commenting

Once upon a time blog commenting is widely used by bloggers to build backlinks. But forget about that era of building backlinks in 2020 using comments. Then you have a question in mind on how can I improve blog traffic?

Yes, you can do so by building connections with other audience from other blogs in your niche. Although you don’t include any link in the comment there is an option to add website before the comment description. Add that can help your comment views to navigate to your website link when they click on your profile.

28. Paid Traffic Method Begins: Facebook Ads

Paid traffic methods require little money to invest to get leads or visitors to your blog. But in the long run, it will pay off with boosting blog traffic. This is one of the fastest ways to increase blog traffic. Facebook is the biggest social media platform ever that has more than 2.6 billion active monthly users.

You can also target a specific audience through its advertisement platform Facebook ad Manager. If your offer is irresistible, that can even generate sales and also drive more visitors that convert them into valuable customers.

29.Google Re-Targeting Ads

Re-Targeting is the perfect way to reach out to your audience. In this method of Re-Targeting, Google is solely focusing on your website visitors. That means those who have already visited your site and have left without purchased a product. Using Google Re-Targeting ads will help you drive high conversions and this improves your product sales.

30. Instagram Ads to grow your blog

Next to Facebook, Instagram takes up ass one of the best social media platform that is used by many influences and bloggers. If you have a product in place, I highly encourage you to get started with Instagram ads as it has targeted ad strategy. 

If you are only using Instagram to engage with your audience I would recommend posting images by following these simple tips.

1. Design clean, bright and clear images.
2. Include 5-10 hashtags followed by keywords related to the image.
3. Add your link in the bio to increase blog traffic 
4. Engage with your audience using Instagram live.

I would be coming with a few more proven strategies on how to increase blog traffic. Stay tuned for more ways.

Wrapping Up

So Why are you still searching for ways to increase your website traffic? where I shared my 30+ Proven strategies to increase blog traffic in no time. Just get started and take action to see the results on your blog.

As I have promised you that today should be the last day to your traffic problems. I will be constantly updating this post to show you my results after reviewing these strategies. I have shared these strategies after constantly researching other pro bloggers in different niches.

Hope you find this information useful and Let me know if I have missed any strategy that worked for you apart from these.

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  1. Hi Manoj,

    The infographics can be used as link building tactics and as well as driving traffic to your site. I think the article has to be included the Guestographic technic, which can be developed for high DA PA sites for their already posted articles or seperate infographic and reach out the influencer and either you can sent the link or directly publish the infographic in your site. If the influencer found that your infographic improve the value of their articles, definitly they will link back and will include in their blog post.

    If you got high quality infographics will lead you to feature in Huffpost or any other top magazines.

    Also see the life story of Neil Patel regarding the Guestographics and how he made tones of backlinks through this.

    By Shiju M
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    • Thanks, SHIJU
      That was a fantastic suggestion from you in detail. I have been working on Guestographics and will be adding to post soon.
      Keep reading our posts and grow along with us.

  2. I have recently been using this same comment luv plugin. It increased my traffic to some extent. But not that great. I was wondering other ways and i want to download your free pdf but i am having error, is it only me , please check and inform.


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