Honest Review: Keyword Research Made Easy

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Hello Folks,

Today I would like to share my honest [unbiased] review about an eBook that I have read i.e., Keyword Research Made Easy by Anil Agarwal.

If you are into blogging or digital marketing this eBook is definitely for you.

Without reading this eBook you will miss out some of the golden nuggets essential for your blogging journey.

In the art of blogging, Keyword Research is a crucial step that needs to be applied to rank your content based on search intent. If you do not apply the exact steps you will miserably fail even if your content provides value to your audience.

Blogging starts with brainstorming followed Keyword Research and then content writing. Brainstorming can be done through once creativity. But keyword research can be done only with the best keyword research tools and best keyword strategies. If you follow this eBook, you will learn both of them to generate outstanding results.

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Table of Contents:

  1. Who is Anil Agarwal?
  2. Who this eBook is for?
  3. Why is it important to read?
  4. Keyword Research Made Easy – Overview.
  5. Review of other pro bloggers about this eBook.
  6. My Honest Review.

Anil Agarwal

He was the founder of BloggersPassion and he started his blogging journey in 2005. He is a full-time blogger who is very passionate about writing stuff and always active over many years.

One thing that I love about him is “He is an avid Content Writer” Uff… I still don’t understand how he can produce regular articles, unlike other pro bloggers.

Who this eBook is for?

This eBook is for you if you are,

  1. Blogger or SEO Enthusiast who want to dig tons of low competition keywords that can drive traffic to your blog.
  2. Affiliate Marketer who wants to find money-making keywords to rank for based on buyer intent.
  3. Website Designer who want to set up your portfolio with the right keywords for better search visibility.

Why it is Important to Read?

Are you a Content Writer, Blogger or Digital Marketer?
Want to master keyword research?
Are you struggling to know why your content is not ranking in search engines?

Then this book is definitely for you.

Through this eBook, you can

  1. Learn how to find profitable MONEY MAKING keywords.
  2. Learn how to find low competition keywords(high value).
  3. Learn appropriate use of keywords based on search intent [Important]
  4. Learn to easily master keyword tools like Semrush, Ahref’s, Ubbersuggest and Keywordtools.io

Keyword Research Made Easy Overview

This eBook covers all the topics of keyword research, a step by step guide of using 4 Incredible keyword research tools and also reveals how Anil Agarwal does exact keyword research for his blog bloggers passion which has more than 100k visitors every month.

Just have a look at the Table of Content for your understanding.

Table of Contents

Review of other pro bloggers about this eBook.
Keyword research is the foundation of blogging and online marketing. The stronger the foundation, stronger would be the money coming in your pocket. If you do this initial step wrong, you are very likely to fail in your online career. Anil has shared the golden nuggets in his book to help you make that foundation even much stronger. This book is going to completely blow-away your mind with the examples and ideas. This eBook is the must-read book for every blogger who wants a strong foundation.
Kulwant Nagi
Blogging Cage
I loved the keyword research eBook by Anil bro. It’s like the text version of a full blown keyword research course that is designed so that someone who has no knowledge of keywords will be hunting down profitable, low-competition keywords after completing the eBook. Apart from an in-depth guide, he also walks you through the keyword research process he uses on his 6-fig blog.
Swadhin Agrawal
Digital GYD

My Honest Review:

I would say this book is a must-read for every blogger. Many of the blogger’s thing keyword research is just about finding keywords with high keyword search volume and low keyword difficulty. But there are many more metrics you need to understand, types of intent and appropriate usage of right keyword at the right place to rank in 2020.

Key aspects that impressed me about this eBook.

  1. Revealed step by step keyword research process followed at bloggers passion.
  2. A detailed explanation of all the 4 incredible keyword research tools.[Paid & Free]

Hope this honest review helps everyone. I promise that you will even get extra bonuses included in this eBook that boosts your keyword research process. Stay Tuned for the next honest review.

Manoj Reddy

Manoj Reddy

Hello Everyone. Myself Manoj Reddy, I am a Writer and Blogger Since 2016. I have written 100+ Articles and have generated Targeted Traffic. Through this blog, I wish to help many fellow bloggers in every step of their Blogging Journey and build a passive income stream from their blog.

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