10 Top Moz Alternatives for better SEO in 2020

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If you are into SEO you should be aware of MOZ. MOZ is one of the leading SEO tools from the past decade. MOZ offers both free and paid features, but experts always prefer a premium version of it. MOZ Pro which is a premium version offers its users with a wide range of features like Keyword Queries, BackLink Queries, Link Tracking, Keyword Ranking, Campaigns and much more. But the downside of Moz is its pricing which is $99/Month for just 300 keywords only.

If you think Moz pricing is stopping you from doing SEO? or
Looking for the best alternative tools that can offer similar features at better pricing? 

Then this article will help you find the top 10 Moz alternatives for your next SEO project at a cheaper price and more features.

Best and Cheap Moz Alternatives to Skyrocket Your SEO

List of 10 Alternative Tools to Moz Pro:

1. SEMrush
2. Ahrefs
3. Serpstat
4. LongTail Pro
5. SEO Power Suite
6. Raven Tools
7. Spyfu
8. WebCEO
9. Nightwatch.io
10. Majestic SEO


SEMrush is rated as one of the best Moz alternatives in 2020 recommended by top 100 SEO experts like Neil Patel, Brian Dean and many more. In 2020 SEMrush takes up the first place for All in one SEO tool for digital marketing professionals. Which can generate enough data to outrank your competitors using the information it provides.

You might be thinking how can it replace Moz?

Yes definitely, As it offers you to track 500 keywords per month while Moz only offers 300 keywords. Also in SEMrush you can setup 5 campaign project whereas Moz offers only 1 campaign project.

This way you can perform better competitor research in SEMRush at the same value of $99/Month.

Features of SEMrush: (#1 Moz Alternative having high limits at low cost)

  1. Organic Keyword Research: It lets you identify all the competitor’s organic keywords with ease from its database of most of the Tier-1, Tier -2, Tier-3 countries and few others. It has one of the largest keyword databases compared to other tools in the market.
  2. Advertising Research: Analyse your competitor’s keywords in paid results like Google Ads. Monitor your competitor’s ad copy and landing pages. This can help you in terms of competing with your peer in terms of paid and organic traffic.
  3. Backlink Analysis: Find out where your competitors have acquired their backlinks and try to gain backlinks in such a relevant category. Identify referring domains Authority to outrank your site with backlinks than of your competitors.
  4. Perform a full site audit using this amazing tool.
  5. Generate unlimited content ideas that are trending in your niche.


Are you very serious to know why your competitors are ranking so high? Want to know what you need to do to outrank them in search results? Then Ahref is the best SEO tool that can solve your problems.
To replace Moz Pro, Ahref takes up the position in the top 10 best Moz alternatives in the market right now which is used by the majority of SEO Specialists all over the world next to SEMrush.
Ahrefs is priced at $79/month which is cheaper than Moz Pro that is priced at $99/month. Ahrefs provides far better results than Moz Pro in terms of its features that can help you outrank your competitors with ease.
You can try Ahref’s offers 7 -day trial for $7 and decide to whether its best for you.
I Use Ahrefs for my affiliate site that’s boosting my site performance in terms of SEO and Competitor Research.

Features of Ahrefs:

  1. Competitor Analysis: Find out the exact keywords for which your competitors are ranking in organic search results. Also, figure out their top pages that get the most traffic and the targeted keywords of those pages.
  2. Keyword Explorer: Get thousands of keyword suggestions for your niche and Use appropriate keywords based on keyword difficulty metrics from over a 3 billion keyword database.
  3. Rank Tracker: Track your websites keyword ranking for both desktop and mobile devices in a very handy graphical format. Also, get regular alerts on rank tranking directly to your email inbox so you don’t need to forget your keyword ranking progress.
  4. Keep track of all the available backlinks for any website just by inserting the URL.
  5. Content Explorer lets you find what’s trending in your niche.


Serpstat is one of the cheapest Moz alternatives ever available in the market as it is priced at $69/Month with the same features as Moz Pro.

Serpstat offers 5 features such as Keyword Research, Backlink Analysis, Rank Tracking, Competitor research and site audit with tons of other sub-features that make it worth at the price point when compared with Moz Pro.

You can Try Serpstat for free, whereas some features are limited in the free version of it.

want to know how you can use Serpstat for your next project?

We can use Serpstat:

  1. To find competitor keywords and use them to outrank your site.
  2. To generate tons of keyword ideas for your niche.
  3. To perform a site audit where you can take the necessary measures to get the best SEO results.
  4. Track your keyword ranking position regularly.

Long Tail Pro:


Longtail Pro is one of the best and oldest keyword research tool next to google keyword planner. Before the existence of other SEO tools, Longtail pro was the leader in SEO keyword research tools. Even today many of the top experts use Longtail pro which is the cheapest Moz Alternatives as it is priced at $37/Month.


Try out Exclusive Free Training From Long Tail Pro where you can learn to scale your niche sites to $3000+/ per month without investing in other software.

Features of Long Tail Pro:

  1. Create Multiple projects so that you can use different campaigns for different sites.
  2. Find long tail high CPC keywords to make your blog profitable.
  3. Generate multiple keywords based on your seed keyword.
  4. Spy on your competitor keywords to start competing with them.
  5. Also, find keyword-rich domain name if you are starting a micro-niche blog.

SEO Power Suite:


SEO Power Suite is now known to be on Link-Assistant.com and it is packed with many features similar to that of Moz Pro. It offers a downloadable version and you can try its features with some limitation with absolutely free.


If you want to complete access of the tool, Try 14-day free trial worth $299 exclusive for our blog readers. They also offer plenty of online training at no cost where you have access to many of their guides here.

Features of SEO Power Suite includes,

  1. Local and Global SEO where you can target keywords with certain geographic location and optimize your sites based on regional language.
  2. Advance rank tracking lets you track organic search ranking from 300+ search engines.
  3. Adword & Analytics Integration: Through this, you can track your keyword search volume, competition, CPC, Click Through Rate, Bounce Rate and much more with just integrating SEO power suite with google AdWords and Analytics account.
  4. Perform site audit, backlink analysis, track social media stats and much more.

Raven Tools:

Raven Tools can help you effectively manage your ad campaigns and social media conversations. The interesting feature most of the experts like about raven tools is that they update it regularly so that you can access new features instantly in this SEO industry. 

Raven Tools integrates with a wide range of databases like SEMrush, Majestic SEO and SEOMoz that can make you work on your campaigns smartly. It is packed with multiple tools like Keyword Research, Competitor analysis, link building and much more. It is one of the best tools for client management which offers white-label reports for SEO as per the website and many other features that Moz offers.

You can try these tools for $39/Month which is very affordable when compared to Moz Pro SEO tools. Having all the above features this takes up to be one of the cheapest Moz Alternative. Before you get started.

Raven Tools lets you,

  1. Perform site audits that easy to use and which is powerful.
  2. Get complete data from multiple databases like Moz Pro, SEMrush, Majestic SEO, Authority labs where they pay for you to give you data access from Raven Tools.
  3. Access client reports using a sharable link and PDF formats so that you don’t need to worry about them.
  4. Scale your SEO agency inhouse projects with no extra cost.
  5. Perform a ranking check on daily, weekly and monthly basis so that you will never get lost and keep track of your efforts.



SpyFu could be the best SEO  tool if you are a marketer focusing on paid advertisements. So this could be your priority and one of the best Moz Alternatives if you are seriously using Moz pro for running campaigns through PPC.


It is the best tool to identify your competitor’s keywords and their ads for paid and organic search.


Just inserting the domain you can see its visibility shown up on google in terms of keywords they have targeted on Adwords, organic search rankings and ad variations from the past 13 years.


It is priced at $33/Month which is the cheapest Moz Alternatives with great features when creating your next ad campaign.


Use the Spyfu Tool to get the following results,

  1. Find competitor keywords for which they are targeting their campaigns from many years and discover the keywords which you never thought of.
  2. Get Unlimited search results and see all the data.
  3. Unlimited domain overviews in the form of PDF.
  4. Track 5k keyword ranking every week.
  5. Watch out for 10k top list results.


WebCEO offers a variety of pricing plans such as startup, corporate and agency level. If you are a beginner you can try their software for absolutely free with a 14-day trial.

Do you know it is packed with 19 pro-level SEO software tools which can help you master your projects with the best SEO performance? if you can make use of these tools I would say this is one of the best Moz alternatives at an affordable price compared to that of Moz Pro.

you can also keep track of bad links which are broken, spam links using Web CEO.

Features of WebCEO includes,

  1. Perform keyword research based on your seed keyword.
  2. Perform backlink analysis of your competitors to outrank them.
  3.  Identify the Toxic links and try to eliminate them.
  4. Competitor analysis and find out their profitable keywords so that you can rank for.
  5. Find out social metrics to your sites like social engagement, competitor social media popularity and Industry trends.



Nightwatch is the next generation SEO performance tracker that is ideal for both bloggers and digital marketing experts to scale their next SEO project with hassle-free.


The most interesting about this tool is its UI, that is intuitive and smart to use with the help of small diagrams and graphs that is easy to follow to know the progress of your SEO.

Features of Nightwatch includes,

  1. Measure the performance of your site on a large scale.
  2. Detect site manipulations to make your SEO error-free.
  3. Track your Keyword ranking on separate segments.
  4. Take necessary actions to induce the a state of hyper-growth.

Majestic SEO:

This takes up the 10th place in the top 10 alternatives to Moz Pro.
Majestic SEO is also one of the best Moz Alternatives but, it does not offer keyword research, competitor analysis, content explorer e.t.c. They are specialized in link building analysis which gives its users an in-depth analysis of links data.
Out of all other SEO tools, Majestic SEO has a vast database of historic link data, anchor text cloud and information regarding referring domains.
I would say this tool is a master of all if your priority is link building and link data.

Features of Majestic SEO:

  1. Identify freshly indexed backlinks using Frest Index metrics that are updated regularly daily.
  2. Use Link Context to identify which links are performing better for you and your competitors.
  3. Trust flow lets you identify several clicks your site is getting and measure their quality.
  4. Bulk backlink checker enables to identify backlinks from a set of URLs.
  5. Email Alerts for newly indexed links and lost links directly to your email inbox so that you can work on a better link building strategy.
The above list provides you with the best and cheapest SEO tool that can replace Moz Pro. Choose an appropriate Moz alternative based on your priority and pricing plans. This way you can save a lot of money on your next SEO project and spend the rest to scale your business in the long run.
Lets us know your about any best Tools that can replace these Top 10 Moz alternatives so that we can add them to the list.
Please comment on your best choice from the above top 10 lists based on your usage. 

2 thoughts on “10 Top Moz Alternatives for better SEO in 2020 [Tried & Tested]”

  1. Hello Manoj…
    Very informative and useful article, about MOZ alternatives.
    According to me, the best MOZ alternatives is Ahref.
    What you think?

    Best luck for your next Goal 👍

    Vishal Meena.

    • Thanks, Vishal Meena, I personally USE SEMrush when building an authority blog. Ahrefs also one of the best tools that I use frequently.


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