How to Submit Your Blog Sitemap to Google(Easy Way)

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If you have recently started your blogging journey this is one of the crucial steps you need to perform to get your blog/website indexed in google search engine.

Many of the people think that they have to pay Google to get their blog visible in google search. Which is not quite true.

Google does not charge you to get your blog visible in their search engine. It is free of cost and the only task you need to do is help Google to find your blog with the help of sitemap.

You might be thinking is it necessary to submit your blog sitemap to google search console?

Yes, It is very important to help Google identify your blog and increase blog visibility to your readers and also to rank for keywords you intend for and drive traffic to your blog. 

Before I walk you through the step by step process of submitting a sitemap to google search console. Try to understand what is a sitemap and why submitting a sitemap to search engine is important.

What is a Sitemap and Why its Important?

A sitemap is an XML or HTML File that contains all the URLs of your blog. This helps search engine crawlers to map your blog in their search engines with the URLs of your sitemap.
There are many aspects that a search engine crawlers look for while indexing your blog in their database. Some of the aspects are Number of URL’s in your blog, Size of the Sitemap, Frequency of updating your blog posts, pages and much more.

It is Important to submit one to let search engines(like Google, Bing) know that you have created a blog for your readers that could help them search for the blog using their search engines.

It is always a good practice to place your sitemap link in the footer of your blog so that Google or other search engines can easily crawl and index your new content to their search engines.

So Let’s get started…..

How to Submit Blogger Sitemap to Google Search Console.

To submit a sitemap for your Blogspot blog just simply follow these steps as mentioned.

This method works for all the blog posts you create for your readers,

1. Navigate to Google Search Console and Log in using your Gmail account.

2. Add your website to it using Add Property option available on the left sidebar.

3. If you already added multiple properties(blogs) to google search console select the desired blog you wish to submit a sitemap for.

4. Now click on sitemaps under index section of the left sidebar.

5. At the top right corner of the page, press submit sitemap button.

6. Add the following text before clicking on the submit button in the text field next to your blog URL.


7. By clicking on submit button your blogger blog sitemap will be submitted.

In the above code that is being submitted in the text field, the number 5000 represents the number of blog posts, If you exceed the posts count of 5000 you can again submit the sitemap with the following code in the text field of sitemap section in Google Search Console.


 This way you can successfully submit sitemap for n number of blog posts and works perfectly fine.

So don’t get your hands dirty by searching other methods to submit sitemap to Blogspot blog. I have shown you one of the best and easiest ways to submit a sitemap.

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If you have any further queries regarding the topic of submitting sitemap. Please leave your questions in the comment section.

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